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healthy dining optionsMealtimes are important events each and every day at Straits Area Senior Living Community. It’s a chance to enjoy a variety of tasty foods and satisfy the appetite. These gatherings also provide opportunities to converse with friends. For residents who are not very social, they still benefit from being amid the chatter and camaraderie. The meals also provide comfort to those who desire consistency in their daily routine.

Our restaurant style dining arrangement also adds to the convenience for our residents. Breakfast is available from 6:30-10:30 am, lunch between 1:30-1:00 and dinner between 4:00-6:00. Breakfast is made to order, restaurant-style. We offer 2 meal choices daily. The resident can choose if they want their large meal for lunch or dinner. Soup is available all day, and sandwich & salad choices are always available. A selection of snacks are offered each evening, and freshly baked cookies and hot coffee are available throughout the day.

Mealtimes are very active for our staff members. Of course, there is the preparation, the servicing and the clean-up, but there is so much more going on while our residents are pleasing their palates with the foods and recipes that reflect the era they grew up in …

  • Staff strive to make everyone happy, even with different taste preferences in the dining room by providing menu options.
  • Staff talk to the residents so they can continually fine tune our fabulous dining experience to their liking
  • Staff is available to assist those residents who have difficulty using utensils and/or need encouragement to eat the foods necessary for maintaining one’s health
  • We look for changes from day-to-day/meal-to-meal … Has appetite increased? Decreased? Is someone not eating at all? We keep a record of attendance and intake for all meals for those at risk.
  • Staff design and prepare meals for residents with special diets (low salt diabetic)
  • By being so diligent during mealtimes, we strive to make the dining process more productive, rewarding, social and enjoyable